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As a child, Aalia knew deep down that she had to find a way out of a world with predisposed ideas of who she needed to be as a woman. As a young girl, she was putting on entertaining shows or pioneering in ways that her friends would not dare do for fear of cultural and social norms. She was ‘different’ and wanted more than what was afforded her in Pakistan. So when an opportunity came, she took it.

Aalia chose marriage as a way to escape a predetermined life but found herself in the very kind she was running away from. The marriage was filled with negotiation and dismissal of her true wants and needs. Flash forward twenty-five years, she found herself hostage in a life that again thwarted her potential and she once again wanted a way out.

Aalia spent a large portion of her life dishonoring her feelings and emotions. Instead, she chose to compromise or silence her yearnings to keep the status quo. This constant dishonoring of herself ultimately led to dishonoring those around her. Something had to change and it began with addressing that which she had long ignored – who is Aalia and what does she truly want?

Today, Aalia works towards making amends with herself and loved ones. She follows her yearnings and creates a better version of herself in each given moment and helps others to do the same. More importantly, Aalia is becoming the woman that her inner child is honored to be.

Honor your inner child

I was 18 when my doctor told my mother I had stomach ulcers the size of golf balls. Laying on that examination table I told myself, “I have got to get out of here!HERE was Pakistan. I felt suffocated by the cultural and social paradigms. Although our family was considered ‘modern’, there were aspects of my being that were determined by my parents, sister, aunts and uncles, teachers, even neighbors. The society was ridden with shouldism, and no matter how hard I tried to rebel, the walls of conformity seem to close in on me. I wanted to apply for a US student visa after high school, but my parents refused to send me away unless I was married off. “You are so out of control here; do you think we’ll let you go to America to completely ruin yourself?!” said my mother with concern.

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Life should be full of purpose

So when you tell me about life transitions; whether it is a move, or a job, or a business, or school, or family, or relationships, and I say, “I understand,” please know that I truly do. Regardless of religious, cultural or social differences, I relate to you on a deep and profound level – the level of universal human emotions.

I continue to use the power of emotions to design a spectacular life. Let me share with you how, and help you to realize your potential!

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