A Sad Farewell

My heart aches today as I returned Symon and Symba to my friend. I got these 3-month old kitties 3 weeks ago. During this time, I was utterly infatuated by them and was elated to fulfill my lifelong dream of having kittens. When I was a little girl, we moved around a lot. So my desire to have a cat … Read More

Thou Shall Not Suffer!

In the western world, Islam has become quite synonymous with terrorism. Yet when one hears of Taoism, a picture a peaceful monk, or the self-control of martial arts comes to mind. Either way, the essence of both religions is lost in our ignorance and rationalization. In fact, all religions teach goodness, and all teach some discipline to follow in this … Read More

The Call to Transformation

May 15, 2015 “If nothing ever changes, there wouldn’t be any butterflies” That quote caught my attention at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Butterflies have been long associated with transformation. The process of a caterpillar building a cocoon around itself, laying dormant for a while, then emerging into a gorgeous winged creature, is a symbol of amazing transformation – … Read More

Hello world!

So I have decided to share my gifts with the world! I want to invite you to come along on this wild ride we call life. Each of us have different perspectives, various opinions, and many ways we show up in our lives. It is time I open myself to the world and share my unique thoughts, feelings, and experiences. … Read More